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Church And Main Shorts

I really like the option of a Church & Main Short. I don’t always have time for a full episode, and I really dislike listening to only partial podcasts. So knowing you’ll have these available I’ll check back when I only have 10 or so minutes and check one out! Keep up the great work, Dennis! Allen

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Great conversations

Dennis is a very smart guy and a clear thinker. I appreciate his voice and this podcast.

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Thoughtful, interesting, insightful.

In these conversations with his knowledgeable guests, Dennis Sanders brings his unique insights and experience to the table without domineering the discussion. The rapport he has with his guests helps keep your attention as you consider new ideas, even arriving at an “Ah-ha!” or an “I hadn’t thought of it that way” mom...

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A steady voice in uncertain times

Dennis Sanders is someone I respect immensly and his opinions on issues are ones that I always pay attention to and hear out. He is a valuable voice to have in podcast form and always brings clear thinking, logical conclusions, and mature discussion to any topic.

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A unique voice

Rev. Sanders offers a calm, thoughtful, & personal take on politics & religion that is refreshingly devoid of unnecessary provocation.