Episode 153: Lay-Led Church Planting with Laura Cottington
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Episode 153: Lay-Led Church Planting with Laura Cottington

In this episode, we hear from Laura Cottington, a lay leader and co-founder of Saint Michael Community Church in Saint Michael, Minnesota. She discusses the challenges and strategies of church planting, particularly in a changing landscape where traditional methods may not be as effective. Laura shares her experiences and insights on starting a church with limited resources, the importance of lay leadership, and the need for creativity and adaptability in reaching people for Christ. They also touch on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the value of community support.

Laura's interest in church planting began when she and her husband Brent led a church camp and encountered kids who were on the outside of church life. They wanted to find a way to reach those who were disconnected from the church. Laura, a teacher with a master's in education, discusses the area where she and her husband are planning to start a church in Saint Michael, a community west of the Twin Cities.

Show Notes:

Global Church Planting (United Methodist Church) 2021 Report

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