Episode 176: Voting as a Moral Act with Bryan McGraw
Church and MainMarch 27, 2024
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Episode 176: Voting as a Moral Act with Bryan McGraw

Could your vote be an act of pure democratic expression or merely a move in a complex game of strategic power? Grapple with the profound implications of casting a ballot as I'm joined by Brian McGraw, an associate professor at Wheaton College, to navigate the treacherous waters of sincere versus strategic voting. We dissect the impact of a polarized political landscape where negative partisanship often seems to overshadow individual values, and delve into the significance of our first votes and the indelible mark they leave on our civic consciousness.

Voting is more than a checkmark on a ballot; it's an ethical statement, a declaration of our societal vision. As we brace for the Presidential election, consider this a toolkit for the conscientious voter. Hear about the challenges of staying informed amidst the deluge of candidate information and how post-election engagement with our communities can keep the democratic spirit alive. 


Show Notes:

How to Think About Voting by Byran McGraw and Timothy Taylor

How to Think About Voting in 2024 (National Affairs Podcast)


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